Sensor Technology Magnetic micro- and nano-technology for durable and dynamic sensor solutions

Sensitec GmbH MagnetoResistive sensors in AMR, GMR and TMR technology

Sensitec is a leading company in magneto resistive sensory technology and in the development and production of magnetic micro systems with sites in Lahnau and Mainz.
Sensitec offers sensor solutions for distance, angle, position, magnetic field and current measurement.
Sensitec sensors are used wherever movement is controlled and angles, distances and currents are measured.

MagnetoResistive sensors by Sensitec Simple, durable, precise and dynamic

  • Extensive sensor portfolio
  • Application experience in a wide range of fields
  • Customized sensor and system development
  • Fast entrance. Fast realization.
  • Optimal system adjustment
  • Individual solutions aligned to their application

TMR – the latest sensor technology Sensitec is extending its portfolio with sensors containing the most up-to-date TMR technology

Alongside AMR and GMR sensors, which have already established themselves in applications in the automotive and industrial sector for years, the latest generation of sensors is now being introduced based on the tunnel magneto resistive effect (TMR). These are characterized by a high signal amplitude, high stability across the whole application temperature range and new possibilities for sensor and system design. TMR sensors enable many sensor solutions to be optimized and further fields of application to be developed.