Internships, degree theses and traineeships Our opportunities to gain practical experience in everyday operations

Internships at Körber Automation

Would you like to implement your theoretical knowledge in practice and discover your professional opportunities?

During an internship at Körber Automation, you will actively take part in projects and learn more about daily operations. We can assess you and your abilities better and you can learn more about Körber Automation. Maybe we will see each other again when you are writing your thesis or when you start your career.

Degree theses at Körber Automation

Do you have an interesting personality, do you demonstrate personal initiative and team spirit? Have you already achieved remarkable work during your studies and are now looking for a suitable partner for your thesis?

Körber Automation will develop an interesting thesis subject with you and your mentor. We will offer you professional support and will provide you with all the working materials required. In return, we will be naturally very excited about your findings and will look forward to valuable results.

We regularly offer thesis work in the areas of power electronics, digital control technology, analogue and digital circuit technology and communication technology. Further subject areas available upon request.

Traineeships at Körber Automation

Do you have a very good degree from a university or a polytechnic university, a high sense of responsibility, team spirit and initial work experience in extensive internships? Our trainee program will be developed specifically for you and your area. You will be trained in your area of responsibility step by step and will receive responsibility early for concrete projects over a period of 12 months.